Nursery & Preschool Music - a building block for learning

LET THERE BE NOISE!  (and a beat) From an early age all children love to be heard and make noise. Remember taking out the pots and pans when you were small? Rhythmic Noise MusicĀ© workshops don't use pots and pans but a range of age appropriate instruments so little hands (and their teachers/guardians) can participate fully.   They just won't realise that they are improving their aural, cognitive and rhythm skills  while they're having fun.

In the Junior workshops, children will have fun with:

- Percussion

- Pulse & rhythm

- Call & Response

- Action Songs

- Games

....... and lots more

Rhythmic Noise MusicĀ© implement the Kodaly methods for young children helping them recognise pitch and pulse. This is done in an interactive and fun way for the children, and all abilities are catered to.

Children joining in with actions to music Playing guitar to preschoolers and leading actions

All workshop activities are age appropriate to each group. Additional activities to the above list may be included for older age groups depending on ability.